Weekly Filet #8: My Libya Anger Management. And more.

Published on February 25, 2011

This week’s top recommendation

Let me begin on a personal note. I’ve tried to find a nice piece to make sense of what happened in Libya this week. As I was searching, I got increasingly angry at the cynicism I encountered. You read about rising oil and petrol prices, tumbling stock markets and – heck! – about an idiot of a Swiss politician (can’t really put it more mildly than that) who calls for the army to protect the southern borders of Switzerland against refugees crossing them. I mean: seriously? In Libya, people are taking to the streets to fight for freedom, knowing they might be killed protesting (and many of them have). That got me thinking. And brought me to this week’s no-link recommendation:

  • Set a timer to 5 minutes and answer the following questions for yourself: What do I care about? And what am I willing to give?

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