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How the coronavirus pandemic connects to the climate crisis

How the coronavirus pandemic connects to the climate crisis

I’ve been thinking about the climate crisis a lot this week. 2019 was the year the climate crisis finally got the attention it deserves – only to lose it in 2020 to an even more urgent crisis. And while drastic action to avert a climate catastrophe faced a lot of opposition, we now hope for drastic actions to slow the spreading of a virus. David Wallace-Wells, author of «The Uninhabitable Earth» (highly recommended!), connects the dots. «The crises each echo the other in some unshakeable ways…The lesson here is two-fold, or rather double-edged: we are vulnerable beyond our nightmares, and we can change much more about those brittle systems than we’ve ever really let ourselves believe.»

From Weekly Filet #294, in March 2020.

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