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How China Controlled the Coronavirus

How China Controlled the Coronavirus

When I first heard that China had imposed a lockdown on the millions of people in Wuhan, it seemed like a drastic measure — something China would do, but surely not a model for…well, naive early 2020 me didn’t know what this year had in store. Today, with the virus still spreading in large parts of the world, China is mostly out of the headlines. The New Yorker offers a detailed report on the situation in China, and how it keeps the virus under control. Let’s hope this is not yet another glimpse into everyone’s future. Read it now.
(Side note: I’ve started using Audm for listening to some very long pieces like this one, and like it a lot. Side note to the side note: This is not an ad, I just thought it worth mentioning.)

Published in Weekly Filet #312