Books that got me thinking the most in 2021

Books that got me thinking the most in 2021

I’ve managed to read (and listen to) quite a few books this year, and would recommend most of them. If you’d like to see them all, here’s my digital bookshelf, and here’s a list with a mini-review for each. But to help you pick one or two for yourself — these are the books that got me thinking the most, and keep resonating:

  • The Life You Can Save, by Peter Singer. On the moral obligations of anyone who earns more than they need.
  • The Scout Mindset, by Julia Galef. On how to always keep an open mind.
  • How to Blow Up A Pipeline, by Andreas Malm. On the necessity of a more radical climate movement.
  • How to Measure Anything, by Douglas W. Hubbard. On the value of approximations, and why you should never accept that something cannot be measured.
  • Radical Candor, by Kim Scott. On giving feedback that truly cares and that is effective.

From Weekly Filet #376, in January 2022.

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