Business air travel and climate: changing behaviors before, during, and beyond the covid-19 pandemic

Iā€™m a former frequent flyer. I started my flying less journey in 2012, when I could no longer reconcile my climate work and values with the fact that my climate pollution from flying alone used up ten years of my sustainable carbon budget. To get started on flying less, I appreciate this practical guide to changing behaviors around business flying from World Resources Institute, based on behavioral science and their insights from reducing flights 92% during the pandemic. They have advice on how to make virtual easy, use both norms and policies, and lead from the top. For more resources and inspiration, see the flying less resource guide edited by Ryan Katz-Rosene and colleagues (and our research on cultural change around leisure flying).

  Guest curated by Kimberly Nicholas

From Weekly Filet #Special, in February 2022.

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