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15 Years Later, How The Blair Witch Project Tricked the World

It’s 15 years since Blair Witch Project was released. Set aside the fact that this makes me feel very old, I liked this retrospection on how ingeniously the team created mystery around the movie. They were one of the first to make use of the web as a way to spread rumors.

From Weekly Filet #179, in October 2014.

Newspaper Blackout

Gaza, Ukraine, not to forget about Syria, Iraq and Egypt – if you need a breathing pause from all the grim news, go read some of Austin Kleon’s wonderful Newspaper Blackout Poems. He regularly posts new ones, so watch for updates.

From Weekly Filet #169, in August 2014.

Hand-drawn cityscapes

My jaw dropped further with every minute into the video. Ben Sack draws huge cities with incredible detail. Unconfirmed quote of his: «My most beautiful buildings must be everywhere, and then some.»

From Weekly Filet #157, in August 2014.
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