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The austerity delusion

Paul Krugman’s detailed explanation why harsh austerity in depressed economies isn’t necessary, and does major damage when it is imposed.

From Weekly Filet #206, in May 2015.

The working classes deserve respect

Important commentary: While rights and opportunities for gays and women are becoming more equal, the working classes seem to be forgotten, making them easy targets for nationalist parties.

From Weekly Filet #180, in October 2014.

Engines of National and Global Growth

Consider this: There are currently 291 rapidly expanding emerging cities with populations of 1–10 million. By 2050, urban population worldwide is expected to rise by another 2.5 billion. Then have a look at this juxtaposition. A report on how important the development in emerging cities is for our future.

From Weekly Filet #177, in September 2014.

Why I am leaving the best job I ever had

He’s the CEO of a billion-dollar company and this is his classy resignment announcement. It’s quite telling, being a man, he was never asked the question that made him step down once he asked it himself.

From Weekly Filet #172, in August 2014.

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