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The British are going to miss Europe

Written before the election, no less applicable right after. An ode to Europe and an explanation why people struggle to feel European. «What makes Europe truly European are all those things that you don’t see when they’re all around and only notice when they’re not.»

From Weekly Filet #280, in January 2020.

Europe’s new borders

Powerful images from Europe’s borders, captured with drones. In the photographer’s own words: «My project, Europe’s New Borders, offers a sense of scale on the dehumanized border crisis unfolding in Europe throughout the last two years. It covers most of the borders of the European Union, the transformation of these, and the consequences, big and small, concrete and abstract, for the refugees and migrants.»

From Weekly Filet #248, in September 2017.

Edward Luce on The Retreat of Western Liberalism

I haven’t yet read the book, but after hearing this interview, I will. The Financial Times’ chief US columnist Edward Luce on the future of liberalism and why recently the US and the UK have been more susceptible to populism than other countries.

From Weekly Filet #237, in June 2017.

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