From the archive of the Weekly Filet: Some of the best on Language

If You Can Say It, You Can Feel It

For a long time, philosophers and scientists assumed that we humans have a limited set of basic emotions – such as fear, joy, anger – that can explain the range of feelings we experience. A more recent theory takes a different approach: We have infinite emotions, so long as we can name them. This makes for interesting neologisms and is at the heart of the internet trope «tfw», with people describing in specific terms «that feeling when…». It has more serious implications, too: New ways of defining emotions «shift the way neuroscientists search for treatments for emotional problems», like depression or anxiety. An eye-opening read.

From Weekly Filet #288, in May 2020.

If You Think You Hate Puns, You’re Wrong


Let’s have some pun, shall we? How about starting a pundemic, even? If you feel like punching me already, you’re ready for this piece of punditry (no pun intended, so sorry, I spun out of control here).

From Weekly Filet #273, in May 2018.
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