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The Ship That Became a Bomb

A huge oil tanker off the coast of Yemen, stranded years ago, surrounded by sea mines. Anytime soon, it will start leaking, catch fire, explode, or all of the above. Thousands of lives are in danger, an environmental disaster is bound to happen. Nobody is there to stop it.

From Weekly Filet #365, in October 2021.

What Bobby McIlvaine Left Behind

This is one of the best magazine pieces I’ve seen in years. It begins with: A death, a diary, and a fight over who gets to read it. It explores the complexities of grief, in language that is raw and detailed and personal and empathetic, and just overall beautiful. A long read, worth every minute (if you prefer to listen, there’s an audio version available).

From Weekly Filet #357, in August 2021.

I Was Lost at Sea for 438 Days. Here’s How I Survived.

Two fishermen get caught in a storm off the coast of Mexico. The motor of their tiny boat dies, and they start drifting out onto the ocean, with almost nothing on board that could help them survive, let alone get help. More than a year later, the boat reaches an island on the other side of the Pacific. One of the two survived to tell their story. This is their story. Start listening.

From Weekly Filet #348, in May 2021.

The Lives of Others

By pure chance, two men in their 50s learn that they have been mixed up after birth. A gripping story, and a lifesize question: What does it mean to have lived someone else’s life for more than five decades? Read it now.

From Weekly Filet #342, in April 2021.

For These 2 Children, Inequality in Every Breath They Take

This story has everything that makes digital journalism so much better than good old print journalism could ever be. It effortlessly weaves together video, text, data visualisation and photography into an immersive experience. A big issue, told up close by zooming in. We follow two children for a day in their very different lives in New Delhi, all centered around the levels of air pollution they are exposed to. Stunning.

From Weekly Filet #329, in December 2020.

The Case of the Missing Hit

I must have been smiling all the way through this podcast episode, with occasional laughs and increasing excitement over how it will end. A man in California is haunted by the memory of a pop song from his youth. He remembers the lyrics and the melody, but it is nowhere to be found on the entire internet. A treasure hunt begins, and it’s just…listen to it now, immediately, like drop-everything now.

From Weekly Filet #293, in March 2020.

Against all odds: The inside story of how scientists produced an Ebola vaccine

Imagine this: You have developed a vaccine against Ebola, but no one is interested in bringing it to market β€” there’s no money to be made. Then, there’s a large outbreak in West Africa, the whole world becomes afraid of Ebola. You do have the vaccine, but it has never been tested with humans. What now? Thanks to some outstanding reporting from STAT, a publication dedicated to life sciences by the Boston Globe Media group, you will find answers. In essence, a story of how our globalised, interconnected world works, for good and bad.

From Weekly Filet #284, in March 2020.

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