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Treasure trove

2542 recommended links since 2011

Wake up! After these elections, Europe is again in danger

It’s always weird to watch European elections from the sidelines, with my sidelines being located at the very heart of Europe. This time, it’s been disheartening to watch Europe drift further right, with the extreme right winning big in all neighbouring countries of Switzerland. «A Europe that just celebrated on the beaches of Normandy the beginning of its liberation from war, nationalism and fascism now again faces fascism, nationalism and war.»

From Weekly Filet #493, in June 2024.

    Could New Technology Eliminate Cervical Cancer?

    «Women are not dying because of untreatable diseases. They are dying because societies have yet to make the decision that their lives are worth saving.» Inside the effort to eradicate a cancer that kills hundreds of thousands of women every year.

    From Weekly Filet #493, in June 2024.

      What Should an AI’s Personality Be?

      Thought-provoking post from the team at Anthropic, the company behind large language model Claude that gets way less attention than ChatGPT, but is no less interesting. They write about why thinking about the «character» of an AI (and what it means to make them «behave well») is important, both for the immediate user experience, and as a way to make sure these models remain aligned with human values.

      From Weekly Filet #493, in June 2024.

      How to Walk and Talk

      The manual for a wonderful practice, the «moveable salon» by Kevin Kelly and Craig Mod. The concept is simple enough: A small group of people embark on a weeklong hiking trip, 100km in total. Days are for walking and casual conversations, evenings are for deep group conversations, on a single topic suggested by a group member. In this manual, they share everything they’ve learned so far, so that others can recreate the experience. Lots of small details that make a lot of sense as soon as you read them.

      From Weekly Filet #492, in June 2024.

        What Ukraine Has Lost

        «If I shut my eyes, I can see everything from my old life.» «But if I open my eyes, it’s all gone.» The kind of story only The New York Times can pull off.

        From Weekly Filet #492, in June 2024.

          What these elections are really about

          Some good food for thought while we are waiting for the results of the European elections. «We know the far-right’s vision for Europe. But Europeans deserve more than that. We’re facing enormous challenges that only a united Europe can answer. […] We need to get excited about what Europe could be – and work toward it. […] American historian Timothy Snyder described Europe as a source of hope for anyone on the outside. It’s time we own up to that role.»

          From Weekly Filet #492, in June 2024.