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Einen Menschen opfern, um Millionen zu retten?

Einen Menschen opfern, um Millionen zu retten?

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Apart from the obvious, that both situations are heartbreaking, and leaving aside all differences between what is happening in Japan and Libya, there is a striking connection between the two. It’s one of the toughest ethical questions: Is it acceptable (or even imperative) to sacrifice a few people’s lives to save more people’s lives? In Japan, some 50 workers are exposing themselves to extremely high radiation, fighting a nuclear disaster that could affect thousands, if not millions of people. In Libya, the imminent military intervention will cost lives, hoping to put an end to Gaddafi’s massacre. The linked interview with a moral philosopher (in German) does little more than scratch the surface, but it should be enough to get you thinking about this moral dilemma that is so hard to solve.