The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit

The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit

GQ | Michael Finkel   Guest curated by Ernst-Jan Pfauth

GQ published an incredible story about the last true hermit (at least that we know of). The hermit, called Christopher Knight, had wandered the woods of Maine since 1986 and was captured in 2013 for theft. The journalist manages to make a connection with him in jail and wrote down a detailed description about his incredible lonely life in the woods. «With no audience, no one to perform for, I was just there. There was no need to define myself; I became irrelevant. The moon was the minute hand, the seasons the hour hand. I didn’t even have a name. I never felt lonely. To put it romantically: I was completely free.»

Published in Weekly Filet #176
    In collection: Guest Butchers FTW
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