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The Great Climate Migration Has Begun

These past months, I couldn’t help but think this pandemic is just a little test run for what’s to come with climate change. For one thing, how we will deal with new realities and forced changes to our way of life. But even more so, especially for people in the Northern Hemisphere: How much we are willing make changes to our lifes to keep others safe (sounds familiar, right?). One of the ugly truths of climate change is that it will disproportionally hit those least reponsible for it. Billions (yes, with a b) of people live in places today that might soon become to hot to live in (just this week, the people in Baghdad have experienced their hottest day ever, with 51.7 degrees celcius). Pro Publica and The New York Times have teamed up with researchers to model migration patterns climate change will create over the coming decades. An essential read. Read it now.

Published in Weekly Filet #310