Collection: Best of 2014

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A blind woman tells how she sees with her tongue. A translator remembers when she was dropped right into the most dramatic moment of a total stranger’s life. An Ethiopian reporter learns why a very serious question was seriously misunderstood. This is a fantastic Radiolab episode. Allow yourself 80 minutes of uninterrupted time and lose yourself in the wondrous world of translation.

Published in Weekly Filet #183
    In collections: Unputdownable Stories, Best of 2014

    Inside the worlds dreamed up by Hollywood’s most radical storytellers

    California Sunday Magazine | Carina Chocano

    «It’s bigger than color. It’s bigger than sound. It’s the audience literally inhabiting the narrative.» After reading this piece, I can’t wait to be in a virtual reality movie. Forget about 3D, that was just a superficial novelty. Virtual reality goes to the core of cinematic storytelling. «You can’t cut. You can’t fade. You can’t move the camera. You can’t pull focus. What you can do is create an intriguing hybrid of Brechtian in-the-round theatrical stuff and game design.»

    How extreme isolation warps the mind

    BBC | Michael Bond

    This piece is a couple of months old, but won’t fail to twist your brain. You’ve probably been lucky enough not to experience such a situation yourself, but solitary confinement and complete darkness do strange things to people’s brains fairly quickly. For example, researchers have found that in darkness, most people eventually adjust to a 48-hour cycle: 36 hours of activity followed by 12 hours of sleep.

    Published in Weekly Filet #178 In collection: Best of 2014