Collection: Best of 2015

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How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars

Wait But Why

Another ridiculously long, mindblowingly good article from Wait But Why. It’s just astonishing how Tim manages to go really deep on a complex topic and keep you entertained for a couple hours (I found the key just recently in an interview with him: «I just assume i’m writing for a bunch of mes, but me before i started researching the topic.»). And the best thing: You don’t even have to buy the argument that we will or should settle on Mars, you’ll learn so many things reading this article that it’s worth the while no matter what.

When I’m Gone


A wonderful story: A young father, who is dying at the age of 27, writes letters of advice to his young son, only to be read after he passes specific life milestones: «When you have your first kiss», «When you have the worst fight ever with your mom», «When you realize you’re gay» just to name a few. The son, now 85 years old, tells the story.

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    The Really Big One

    The New Yorker
    Guest curated by Tim Urban

    Americans associate earthquakes with California’s San Andreas Fault. But only recently did scientists discover that the big, big earthquake will hit America’s Pacific Northwest. When it does, it will be by far the most devastating natural disaster in US history. Massive earthquakes in that region occur every 243 years on average, but it’s been 315 years since last one. The Pacific Northwest is due.

    Published in Weekly Filet #217
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      The Colors We Eat


      «Before food gets to us, our eyes have already seasoned it.» A fascinating read on how (and to what great extent) the colour of food influences our taste (and how the food industry makes use of it). Fun fact to remember: There are two colour standards for cherries – one after bleaching, one after dyeing.

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        The Wetsuitman


        One of those rare stories that captivate you right from the start and never let you go. Last winter, two bodies washed ashore in Norway and the Netherlands. They were wearing identical wetsuits. The police never managed to identify them. This journalist did. A sad, true story, masterly reported and told.

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