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Glastonbury 2017


The National, Radiohead, Dizzee Rascal and many more. The BBC offers the complete sets of 89 Glastonbury concerts on its website (for another 25 days). Available only from within the UK (or, you know…😉)

Published in Weekly Filet #238

How extreme isolation warps the mind

BBC | Michael Bond

This piece is a couple of months old, but won’t fail to twist your brain. You’ve probably been lucky enough not to experience such a situation yourself, but solitary confinement and complete darkness do strange things to people’s brains fairly quickly. For example, researchers have found that in darkness, most people eventually adjust to a 48-hour cycle: 36 hours of activity followed by 12 hours of sleep.

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Nobel Prizes: Is there a secret formula to winning one?


So the European Union just got their Nobel Peace Prize. That comes as a bit of a surprise. Here’s why: The EU is neither American, nor did it study in Harvard. It doesn’t even shave regularly. Those are three out of eight ingredients in the magic Nobel Prize winning formula that the BBC has come up with. Interestingly enough, if you take the European Coal and Steel Community as the first step towards the EU, it meets two criteria of the formula: Born in spring and 61 years old. Spooky.

Published in Weekly Filet #87

    Will We Ever?


    In its series “Will We Ever?”, the BBC tackles the big questions of science (fiction). Now that Curiosity is exploring Mars, the latest column is an obvious one: Will we ever…find life elsewhere in the universe? It’s a great read.