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Would You Date Someone With A Hotmail Address?

Guest curated by Jessica Binsch

Our email address says a lot about us. Mailing from Riseup? Activist. Posteo? Privacy-conscious. T-Online or AOL? Probably still using dial-up. So would you date someone using a hotmail address? (I confess that I have a roughly 12-year-old email address that I still use. But let’s he honest: The real question is, would you actually ask someone out via email?)

Published in Weekly Filet #212
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    Teaching The Camera To See My Skin

    Buzzfeed | Syreeta McFadden

    The technology we build always reflects (and reinforces) mindsets, often without us knowing or consciously noticing it. Photography provides a striking example: Films used to be optimised for white skin at the expense of darker skin colors. The technical bias was finally addressed, ironically, not because of black people, but because white advertisers needed images of chocolate and wood furniture to look better. Syreeta McFadden’s article is also a personal story: What it means for a child when you don’t recognise yourself on photographs. A great read.

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    60 Words And A War Without End: The Untold Story Of The Most Dangerous Sentence In U.S. History

    Buzzfeed | Gregory D. Johnsen

    Written in the frenzied, emotional days after 9/11, the «Authorization for the Use of Military Force» was intended to give President Bush the ability to retaliate against whoever orchestrated the attacks. But more than 12 years later, this one broadly-phrased sentence remains the primary legal justification for nearly every covert operation around the world. Buzzfeed has a brilliant longread on how that sentence came to be, the one woman who voted against it and what it’s since come to mean.

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    «Way Beyond Anything We’ve Done Before»: Building The World Of Grand Theft Auto V

    Buzzfeed | Joseph Bernstein

    Aaron Garbut lives in rainy Edinburgh and he is the mastermind behind a gigantic city that millions of people from all over the world will flock to on September 17. The city is called San Andreas, it’s entirely virtual, and it’s the latest scenery for Grand Theft Auto, the wildly successful video game series that has been a game changer (no pun intended) for the whole genre. In many ways, the city is the main character of Grand Theft Auto, a character that is becoming bigger and bigger and ever more nuanced with every edition. Read this fascinating interview with its creator.

    Published in Weekly Filet #125

      Can You Die From A Nightmare?

      Buzzfeed | Doree Shafrir

      A man is found dead in his apartment, having hanged himself. The creepy part: It might have been an «accidental suicide», committed while sleepwalking and experiencing a special form of nightmare called night terrors. In a brilliant and captivating article, Doree Shafrir, who herself has had night terrors for quite some time, explores what night terrors are, why people have them and what can be done about them – always driven by the looming question whether dreams can really kill you.

      Published in Weekly Filet #85
        In collection: Unputdownable Stories