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If you don’t know Quartz’ Obession newsletter already, I recommend you check it out. One very specific thing or topic, often somewhat offbeat, in the spotlight. This new one on post-its is great. I finally understood how (exactly) post-its stick – until they don’t.

Published in Weekly Filet #265

    Pope Francis-Digital media is making us stupid, selfish, and isolated

    Guest curated by Jessica Binsch

    Many of us love sharing our experiences, one picture, 140 characters, one «like» at a time. That’s both a blessing and a curse, thinks the Pope (who knows a bit about those things). He worries that we are constantly communicating with others – but are missing «the complexity of their personal experience». Maybe we need more breaks to explore big ideas?

    Published in Weekly Filet #213 In collection: Guest Butchers FTW

    The Arab Spring’s best legacy: Egyptians are now reading once-banned books

    Guest curated by Sham Jaff

    Remember the Arab Spring? Yes, the one which many say has died amid brutal civil wars in Syria, Yemen and Libya. Not everyone agrees with this death sentence. Since the uprisings in 2011, Egypt’s bookstores tell another story- the one of young Egyptians turning to once-banned books such as Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses (which is deemed blasphemous by many Muslims). To many, the Arab Spring has yet to fully fade.

    Published in Weekly Filet #204 In collection: Guest Butchers FTW