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The Men Who Mine Volcanoes

The Atlantic

From the department of tougher jobs than ours: On the Indonesian island of East Java, these men work in the crater of an active volcano to harvest sulfur. To earn $11 a day, some of them make the four-hour hike to the crater and back twice a day, carrying down some 90 kilograms on their shoulders. Great story, quite literally breathtaking images.

How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood

The Atlantic | Alexis C. Madrigal

How many movie genres can you name? 10, 15, maybe 30 if you’re getting creative. Well, streaming service Netflix categorises its content into no less than 76’897 micro-genres, like «Emotional Independent Sports Movies» or «Mind-bending Cult Horror Movies from the 1980s». It has done so by having computers and humans meticulously tag and rate every movie by all sorts of categories. This data is then used to power recommendations or, like in the case of «House of Cards», determine the ingredients of a successful new series. The real takeaway from this entertaining read: It’s the data, stupid!