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After Truth?

The Baffler

Truth is: Post-truth is not only Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year, but one of the most overused terms of our time. Sad! (as the soon to be sworn in Apprentice-in-Chief would say). We need more relfection on what we mean (and imply) when we use the term. This essay is a good starting point. Key idea: «Post-truth mischaracterizes both our age and all ages before it.»

Published in Weekly Filet #223

    Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit

    The Baffler

    In a very long, yet brilliant essay, David Graeber explores why the future that is now just doesn’t live up to the expectations people had for it back in the sixties and seventies. This anthropologist’s view on technological research and development of the past decades brings to light some intriguing explanations (innovation was pushed in the wrong fields, motivation faded after the Cold War, it’s bureaucracy’s fault, it’s capitalism’s fault…). Reading the article will take you an hour. Thinking about it will take longer. That’s proof it’s worth the time.

    Published in Weekly Filet #74 In collection: The Future Is Now