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20 key findings about CIA interrogations

The Washington Post

It’s a historical document, the harrowing report on post-9/11 torture by the CIA that the US Senate published this week. Mother Jones probably nailed it best in one line: «We tortured prisoners, it didn’t work, and we lied about it.» But the report merits a closer look. The Washington Post offers a very nice way to explore it: Their piece gives you the 20 key findings from the report and lets you «zoom in» on each of them to learn more.


The Washington Post

To date, more than 2.3 million Syrians have fled their home country. The Washington Post has gone to great lengths to show the faces and tell the stories behind these numbers. «Refuge» is a powerful interactive, letting eighteen Syrian refugees speak for themselves, about the horrors they’ve experienced, their present situation and their hopes for the future.

Published in Weekly Filet #142