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Hi, I'm David. A journalist, and a curious generalist.
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Treasure trove

2362 recommended links since 2011

The discovery of copper

New in my favourite nerdy subgenre: the in-depth profile of materials our modern world runs on. This piece makes you understand how crucial copper is for building a carbon-free future, and how that means we need plenty more of those biggest man-made holes in the world.

From Weekly Filet #457, in September 2023.

‘I saw how grotesquely unqualified so many of us were’

There’s a fine line between honest self-reflection and shallow grandstanding, and I will admit that I’m not close enough to British politics to be sure. That said, in this piece, Rory Stewart strikes a good balance between criticising others and being critical of himself. A remarkable reckoning with a caste of top politicians unable to adapt to a changed world. «I felt we had collectively failed to respond adequately to every major challenge of the past 15 years.»

From Weekly Filet #457, in September 2023.

    How to solve the world’s biggest problems

    Eye-opening: What progress could we make if the top 1% earners of the world gave 10% of their income, just for one year? (Btw, yes, if you’re reading this, you’re likely in that group)

    From Weekly Filet #457, in September 2023.

      These Are The 8 Friends You Need

      The Builder. The Champion. The Collaborator. The Connector. The Energizer. The Companion. The Mind Opener. The Navigator. How to find them, and how to be such a friend to others. (If you can’t find a mind opener, the Weekly Filet will always be that friend to you.)

      From Weekly Filet #457, in September 2023.

        Libyan Floods Reflect a River of Corruption and Negligence

        «When a natural disaster hits, it’s as if the planet itself has turned against you.» Tens of thousands are feared dead after devastating floods in Libya. But it’s not the planet who has turned against them. Corrupt leadership failed to prevent the worst, and continues to make things worse.

        From Weekly Filet #457, in September 2023.

          The Atlantic’s Guide to Privacy

          Think concretely. Share narrowly. Don’t panic. These are the three basic rules from this helpful guide on privacy in the digital age, compiled by The Atlantic. From there, it let’s you pick what’s important to you — from «I’m worried about protecting my children’s online privacy» to «I want to help create a more private world» — to provide more tailored advice.

          From Weekly Filet #456, in September 2023.

            Credit card debt collection

            An unexpected highlight. A deep dive into the business of debt collection. It starts with the premise that «an interesting lens for understanding how industries work is looking at their waste streams». Debt, most of it small amounts from ordinary people, is the waste stream of the financial industry.

            From Weekly Filet #456, in September 2023.

              A New Covid Shot for a New Covid Era

              Covid has completely vanished from public debates, it’s like we’re trying to make it go away by pretending it’s gone already. And yet, more and more people are getting sick again. The US has just issued a new recommendation for annual vaccinations for everyone. What’s the state of things? Listening to The Daily for a good 20 minutes will give you a good understanding.

              From Weekly Filet #456, in September 2023.

                12 Questions About Life

                An interactive book on «the great coincidence of how you became you, and who that is anyways.» I won’t say much more, in order not to spoil anything. Give it a go, it takes less than 5 minutes (unless you start overthinking, which you might).

                From Weekly Filet #456, in September 2023.

                  Ad Lucem

                  If you like Black Mirror, this fiction podcast is for you. A dark tale from the near future, very high production quality. Seven of nine episodes are available already. If you can resist binging and instead pace yourself a bit, the remaining two will be ready when you get there.

                  From Weekly Filet #456, in September 2023.