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Treasure trove

2487 recommended links since 2011

Unprepared for What Has Already Happened

«We’re not yet ready for what’s already happened» is the title of an excellent essay that I’m reminded of more often than I’d like (and it’s one of less than a handful links that I’ve shared more than once in the history of the Weekly Filet). This latest episode from This American Life takes it from the societal to the personal, and tells the stories of people trying to make sense of a sudden change that has already happened.

From Weekly Filet #482, in March 2024.

    Do Nothing, Then Do Less

    How doing nothing saved one man’s life. Why goalkeepers look bad doing nothing even when it’s statistically the best choice. And why our brains always look for solutions by adding things, even when it’s obvious that we should remove something. Great podcast episode.

    From Weekly Filet #482, in March 2024.

      ​​IPCC Explainer: Climate change synthesis report

      What we know about the climate, our future and our options. An explainer in the form of one looooooooooong infographic, and it’s excellent. Because it masterfully guides the viewer and thus is able to go into details without ever being overwhelming.

      From Weekly Filet #482, in March 2024.

        The Forgotten History of Hitler’s Establishment Enablers

        A chilling read. It’s an essay based on a new book that the author describes as «an aggressively specific chronicle of a single year, 1932». Zooming all the way in, that chronicle tells the story of «how a country with a functional, if flawed, democratic machinery handed absolute power over to someone who could never claim a majority in an actual election and whom the entire conservative political class regarded as a chaotic clown with a violent following.»

        From Weekly Filet #482, in March 2024.

          What I missed when I went to North Korea

          I wished we saw this type of reflection more often. Eleven years ago, the author wrote about her experiences from a trip to Pyongyang. Millions of people read it back then. Now, she revisits how she (mis-)interpreted the country, its people, and their culture.

          From Weekly Filet #481, in March 2024.

            Climate change can’t overcome capitalism, and that’s OK

            «It is now cheaper to save the world than destroy it. But is capitalism up to the challenge of preventing the climate crisis?» Akshat Rathi thinks so. The Bloomberg climate reporter has recently published the book «Climate Capitalism», which lays out examples of how capitalism can work in favour of the climate. If you don’t have time for the book, this conversation is worth your time.

            From Weekly Filet #481, in March 2024.

              Make better documents.

              Your CV, a project pitch, a presentation for your team…documents are an important channel through which we try to achieve things. And yet, «even very smart, capable communicators routinely send important documents that distract from, or even undermine, their goals.» Anil Dash shares some actionable advice on creating better documents that help you achieve your goals.

              From Weekly Filet #481, in March 2024.

                The World Capital of Endangered Languages

                What places to you picture when you hear of endangered languages? Probably not New York City. And yet, there are more endangered languages in and around New York City than have ever existed anywhere else. «And because most of the world’s languages are on a path to disappear within the next century, there will likely never be this many in any single place again.» Spectacularly beautiful and touching piece, for your ears and eyes.

                From Weekly Filet #481, in March 2024.