Hello. Good to meet you. I’m David.

So what exactly is this Weekly Filet?

A weekly delivery of only the best bits found one the web. Five links, every Friday.

Like what?

Like intriguing articles, stunning photographs, telling visualisations, beautiful songs, smart videos. It can be anything, really. Anything that is worth spending more than just a couple of minutes with. On this very website, you find the complete archive of all the links I recommended since 2011. That should give you a good impression of what’s in the Weekly Filet.

Why do I need this?

Because it’s great to have interesting stuff home-delivered to you without having to search for it yourself.

Man, I’ve got Twitter.

So do I and I love it. But sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the dozens of interesting pieces that run across my timeline every week. The Weekly Filet will boil things down to give you the key recommendations to start into the weekend.

Alright then. Who are you anyway?

I’m David Bauer, I’m a journalist. You can find out more about me on my website or on Twitter. I spend a whole lot of time browsing the internet for interesting finds which – lucky for you – I am sharing in condensed form on a weekly basis in the Weekly Filet.

Will I like it?

Oh yes, you will. Those who know it, love it. To prove me wrong, you have to try it out. Ha!

Sold. How do I get it?

Easy. Head over here to subscribe to the newsletter. It’s free and I won’t ever spam you, promise. If you hate emails, there’s good old RSS.

This is so fantastic, how can I reward you for the awesomeness of the Weekly Filet?

Thanks for asking. Here’s how you can support the Weekly Filet.

I’m drunk, can I still use it?

You totally can. How do I know? I had the site tested by a drunk user. No, seriously.

Just to be sure: You won’t do anything evil once I give you my email address?

Nope. Your email address is only used for sending you the Weekly Filet once a week (plus maybe once or twice a year some general updates on the Weekly Filet). Neither your email address nor your name (if provided) are shared with anyone. No spam, just filets.

I’ve got some great content here, can I pay you to be featured?