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The Secrets of Suspense

A week in which I discover a new piece of writing by Kathryn Schulz is always a good week. This essay is about the power of suspense, and why we crave it in fiction, but hate it in life. To spare you the suspense: It’s a great essay.

From Weekly Filet #491, in May 2024.

    Alien life is no joke

    «After thousands of years of arguing over opinions about life in the Universe, our collective scientific efforts have taken us to the point where we can finally begin a true scientific study of the question.»

    From Weekly Filet #491, in May 2024.

      Why “Her” Reveals How We Really Feel About AI

      Eleven years after it was released, everyone is talking about «Her» again – the movie in which a lonely writer falls in love with Scarlett Johansson an artificial intelligence. This hourlong conversation explores what the movie got right and what it missed, and more importantly, how it can be used as a prism to understand our relation to artificial intelligence today.

      From Weekly Filet #491, in May 2024.

        Why prediction markets aren’t popular

        The idea sounds simple: Predict the future by letting people make bets on it. However, while people buy stocks or place bets on soccer games based on how what they expect to happen, prediction markets never really took off. The one sentence answer: «There is no epistemic free lunch.» For more specifics, read the article.

        From Weekly Filet #491, in May 2024.

          Demography: The ticking time bomb threatening Europe’s democracy

          In two weeks, hundreds of millions of Europeans can vote on the next European Parliament. Polls indicate a shift to the right, with anti-democratic forces gaining ground. This might only be the beginning, with surveys showing «younger Europeans to be much less likely to consistently support democracy than their parents and grandparents.»

          From Weekly Filet #490, in May 2024.

            Why Gold?

            There are 118 known elements in the periodic table. How come gold has claimed a special spot in human’s hearts and wallets? This episode takes us on a journey along the periodic table in search of the definitive answer: Which element would really make the best money?

            From Weekly Filet #490, in May 2024.