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The Psychology of Climate Change Communication


Good stories are good, but the fact remains: The big picture isn’t great. Climate change remains the biggest challenge facing humanity and the results from the latest climate conference in Madrid are meager at best. It made me think of this paper from 2009 I read recently. Communicating climate change is hard, apparently, but there are proven strategies. This paper gives a good overview and offers concrete advice. Helpful to people who communicate professionally, but also to everyone else who has this one uncle who likes to explain to everyone how climate change isn’t real.

Published in Weekly Filet #281

Pregnant black women are treated as if they are incompetent

Time Magazine

«What so many black women know is what I learned as I sat at the end of a hallway with a dead baby in my arms.» As a white man, I’m used to being treated with respect or at least some basic decency in most encounters in life. It’s often hard to imagine how it could be different, because why would it? Systemic inequality tends to obscure itself to those who are not affected. That’s why pieces like this personal account from writer Tressie McMillan Cottom are so important. If you’d like to read more from her, I recommend reading her book «Thick», of which this piece is an excerpt.

Published in Weekly Filet #281

    The Candidates: Elizabeth Warren

    The Daily

    A profile of a politician like I’ve never heard it before. Michael Barbaro and the team at «The Daily» portray Elizabeth Warren in a wonderful, novel way and explain how she became the woman who is now running for president of the United States (and who would be, as she said yesterday, «the youngest woman ever inaugurated».

    Published in Weekly Filet #281

    Scolling down the ocean and more insightful fun on

    Neal Agarwal

    I try not to recommend things that everyone has seen already and this probably is one of those pieces. It’s so great, though, that I just want to make sure you’re not missing it. Scrolling has rarely been more exciting: The Deep Sea. Know it already? Have you seen some of the other cool projects Neal Agarwal has built? I particularly like the Baby Map, The Size of Space, and, on a lighter note, Share This Page.

    Published in Weekly Filet #281

      It’s a Vast, Invisible Climate Menace. We Made It Visible.

      The New York Times

      This is what you get when you combine ace reporting and the power of visual storytelling. The New York Times discovered leaks at oil and gas sites that release immense amounts of methane, invisible to the eye. But not to this nice gadget: «The Times used a custom-built camera…that uses helium to cool down the sensor to the temperature of liquid nitrogen, around minus 200 degrees Celsius.»

      Published in Weekly Filet #280

      Hong Kong protests: The full story in infographics

      South China Morning Post

      Hong Kong’s newspaper of record, the South China Morning Post, is doing some fantastic visual journalism on the protests. They combine graphics and images with their trademark illustration style to convey information with just the right amount of emotion. Stunning.

      Published in Weekly Filet #280

        Open Street Map Haiku

        Satellite Studio

        «Blue pill or red pill / List of side effects / Coming hot» – Maps have never been more poetic. Pick any place on earth and this wonderful application creates a location aware haiku on the fly. Highly addictive.

        Published in Weekly Filet #280

          The British are going to miss Europe

          The Correspondent

          Written before the election, no less applicable right after. An ode to Europe and an explanation why people struggle to feel European. «What makes Europe truly European are all those things that you don’t see when they’re all around and only notice when they’re not.»

          Published in Weekly Filet #280