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Treasure trove

2097 recommended links since 2011

Is Abortion Sacred?

A dear friend of mine sent this to me, saying that it’s quite likely the best thing she’s ever read on abortion. Coming from her, that means something — she has read extensively on the topic. And indeed, the essay offers a unique perspective and so many statements worth pausing and reflecting on. The first one is right there in the lede: «Abortion is often talked about as a grave act. But bringing a new life into the world can feel like the decision that more clearly risks being a moral mistake.»

From Weekly Filet #403, in July 2022.

    Logistics Collapse

    It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future, so take this with a good dose of scepticism. Nonetheless, a very interesting post on the logistics of war, and why Russia might run into serious trouble as early as mid-August.

    From Weekly Filet #403, in July 2022.

      The World’s Top Thinkers 2022

      I’m not a big fan of ranking people, especially if it’s along highly subjective criteria where you end up comparing things that cannot be compared. That said, this list by Prospect Magazine offers an opportunity to learn about fascinating human beings doing great things. I like the broad definition of «Thinker» — from the creator of Wordle to an Afghan judge in exile.

      From Weekly Filet #403, in July 2022.

        Gawking in Awe at the Universe, Together

        I’m sure you’ve seen the images. The Webb telescope allows us to see the universe like never before. What did looking at the images make you feel? For me, after that initial burst of sheer amazement, a weird mix of feeling infinitely small and yet connected at the same time. I love how Shannon Stirone has put this moment into words.

        From Weekly Filet #402, in July 2022.

          Humans Have Always Been Wrong About Humans

          The book had been near the top of my maybe-read-next pile for quite some time. This review finally made me want to read it right now. «At a time when much nonfiction hugs the shore of TED-star consensus to argue that things are either good or bad, The Dawn of Everything takes to the open sea to argue that things are, above all, subject to change.»

          From Weekly Filet #402, in July 2022.

            Piercing the Void

            For more mind-bending context on the James Webb Space Telescope:

            • I highly recommend this 11-minute documentary on how it came to be, how it works and what it will enable us to explore many years from now.
            • A direct comparison with the best images we had so far from the Hubble telescope
            • Zoom all the way out to understand the tiny sliver of the universe the Webb telescope captured. We’re looking at trillions of star systems and we ain’t seen nothing yet.
            From Weekly Filet #402, in July 2022.

              The Biggest Problem With Remote Work

              Remote work is here to say. And yet we’ve barely started to innovate and redesign organisations around it. This piece focuses on three major challenges (1. It’s good for established employees but it’s often hard for new workers. 2. It’s good for experienced groups but worse for building new teams. 3. It’s good for settled strategies but worse for new ideas) and makes the case for a new type of manager.

              From Weekly Filet #402, in July 2022.


                «The quality of your life is shaped by whom you want to impress» — what the story of a sailing challenge in 1968 can teach us about priorities in life.

                From Weekly Filet #402, in July 2022.