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Hi, I'm David. A journalist, and a curious generalist.
I'm your diligent curator.

Recommendations in the Weekly Filet are things I want my friends to see.

Things that tickle and delight a curious mind.

Articles, books, podcasts, graphics, videos, photographs,...The form is never the limit.

I let these questions guide me:
1. Does it help understand a complex, important issue?
2. Does it foster empathy by making you see the world through others' eyes?
3. Does it inspire self-reflection?

If it's timely, that's good. If it's timeless, that's better.

If in doubt, I prefer nerdy, witty, ambiguous. Solutions-oriented and actionable. Candid.

Don't expect news. Expect new insights.
Expect to be surprised.

Surprise me now!

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«Every week, it’s a treasure trove full of serendipity — which makes it truly one of the best places on the internet.»

— Florian Jungnikl-Gossy, CPO

«Thanks to the Weekly Filet, I’ve discovered perspectives on the world I didn’t even know existed

— Andrea Jansen, Founder of AnyWorkingMom


Here’s a simple, yet intriguing exercise: Make a list of questions you find interesting and would like to find answers to. I stumbled upon this list by Patrick Collison, co-founder of fintech giant Stripe. I happen to find some of his questions interesting myself, but that’s beside the point. Have a look and maybe you feel inclined to make your own list. I remembered that I had made one a while ago, I think I’ll make a new one to kick off the new year.

From Weekly Filet #375, in December 2021.

    Predicting the future is possible

    Nobody can predict the future with certainty, but some people are clearly better at making reasonable predictions than others. How do they do it? A conversation between two people who have both greatly inspired me this year with their books — Julia Galef (author of The Scout Mindset) talks to Philip Tetlock (author of Superforecasting). Don’t be confused that the link points to Ezra Klein’s podcast — Ezra is off and has passed the mic to a couple of guest hosts.

    From Weekly Filet #375, in December 2021.

      Why New Year’s Resolutions Actually Work Astoundingly Well

      This might come in handy as encouragement for yourself or as a factoid to share as you celebrate the new year. The key is this: «If you’re looking to jumpstart a new behavior, consider starting by engineering a moment that feels like a break from the past.» (That random moment in time when 2021 turns into 2022 is as simple as it gets in terms of engineering.)

      From Weekly Filet #375, in December 2021.

        Asking the wrong questions

        When thinking about the future, I like to come back to this classic from 2017. We’re not that bad at predicting the future, we simply predict the wrong things. Contains this wonderful quote: «And yet, despite predicting half of our world, as a father in the 1950s he could not imagine why his daughter — my mother — wanted to work.»

        From Weekly Filet #375, in December 2021.

          Stephen Curry’s remarkable rise to three-point king

          Until a few years ago, I was completely disinterested in basketball. Then two things happened: I saw Steph Curry play. And I realised how well basketball lends itself to data-driven analysis. Suddenly, I was intrigued. This week, Curry broke the all-time record for 3-point-shots made, at a much younger age and in far fewer games than those before him. What better way to honour this achievement than with a well-crafted data-driven analysis?

          From Weekly Filet #374, in December 2021.

            What we know about Omicron

            A lot about the latest SARS-CoV-2 variant is still unclear. But as more and more countries see case numbers rise sharply, pieces of the guesswork start coming together. For a measured and concise update, I recommend this series of tweets by The Financial Times’ John Burn-Murdoch. From the beginning of the pandemic, John has provided excellent data analysis and keeps helping me make sense of the latest developments. Stay safe, take care of each other, and get that booster shot.

            From Weekly Filet #374, in December 2021.

              A Fascinating, Sexy, Intellectually Compelling, Unregulated Global Market

              I didn’t know I’d find a podcast on the art market interesting. What I did know is that I can trust Freakonomics to make things interesting to me. I greatly enjoyed this three-part series on the peculiarities of the art market, and how it is changing. I recommend you give it a shot, even if you don’t think it’ll be for you.

              From Weekly Filet #374, in December 2021.

                Postcards From a World on Fire

                A visual reminder that climate change isn’t causing damage and suffering in the future, but today already. Nothing about the big picture here should be new, of course. What makes this piece so compelling is that it highlights how every single country on earth is affected by climate change. Not tomorrow. Now.

                From Weekly Filet #374, in December 2021.