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Treasure trove

2487 recommended links since 2011

Why Russia Killed Navalny

«Even behind bars Navalny was a real threat to Putin, because he was living proof that courage is possible, that truth exists, that Russia could be a different kind of country. […] If Navalny is showing his countrymen how to be courageous, Putin wants to show them that courage is useless.» It’s only the very last sentence of the article that delivers a sliver of hope.

From Weekly Filet #478, in February 2024.

    Democrats Have a Better Option Than Biden

    The argument in a nutshell: Biden is a good president, but that will not be enough to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. It takes someone who is good at running for President. And Biden isn’t. So he needs to step aside. I don’t think I fully buy into the argument. However, among all the simplistic talk about how «Biden is too old», it’s wonderful to be challenged by an opinion, well thought out and delivered with such nuance and conviction.

    From Weekly Filet #478, in February 2024.

      Your brain needs a really good lawyer

      First time I’ve heard of the term «mental privacy». Yet here we are, worrying about how we to sure nobody accesses our thoughts without consent. And it’s not just about what you’re now thinking (ha, see what I did there?): «While some brain-computer interfaces only aim to read what’s happening in your brain, others also aim to write to the brain — that is, to directly change what your neurons are up to.»

      From Weekly Filet #478, in February 2024.

        In pursuit of the perfect session – a DJ just for you

        The fascinating inside story of how Spotify came up with the idea of an AI DJ and how they shaped the idea into a product – well before the technology to pull it off actually existed. After listening to this, I’m even more annoyed that the feature still isn’t available in Switzerland.

        From Weekly Filet #478, in February 2024.

          How I got scammed

          It’s safe to consider Cory Doctorow, author and technology journalist, fairly well-versed with digital security. This is the story of how he got tricked into giving away his credit card details, and how AI is making things worse (but not in the way you think).

          From Weekly Filet #477, in February 2024.

            Atlantic Ocean is headed for a tipping point

            Tipping points in the climate system are a tricky beast. For one thing, tipping point sounds almost cute, when they indeed are points of no return with catastrophic consequences for humanity. Secondly, they mess with our sense of linearity: Even when things get worse, we expect them to get gradually worse. But when you walk towards a cliff, one step too much means things get worse in a rather non-gradual way. And third, even with ever improving prediction models, tipping points still come with a high level of uncertainty, which makes them easier to dismiss than other climate related bad news. A new study has found that one such tipping point might be closer than previously thought, and once reached will unfold more quickly than previously thought, with enormous consequences, especially for Europe. In The Conversation the authors of the study themselves present their findings and what they mean.

            From Weekly Filet #477, in February 2024.