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The Internet with a Human Face

Quite likely the best thing I’ve read all year on the state of the internet today and the challenges it faces. «I’m tired of being scared of what the web is going go look like tomorrow. […] How do we change this industry to make it wonderful again? How do we build an Internet we’re not ashamed of?»

From Weekly Filet #174, in August 2014.

The { } And

What are you hesitant to tell me? Who has more power in our relationship? Am I the best sex you’ve ever had? A beautiful interactive documentary about couples asking each other intimate questions. The best part (or worst, that really depends): After watching, you can play by yourselves.

From Weekly Filet #170, in July 2014.

Is Coding the New Literacy?

Imagine, before you continue, for a brief moment that you could read, but not write. What would that mean to you? After all, it’s not that far-fetched. When it comes to computers, most of us know how to use them, but only few know how to tell them to do exactly what we want them to do. We read, but we don’t write. And while not everyone needs to become a programmer, having a basic understanding of «computational thinking» will be key in our technology-driven future. The good news: If you know how to cook, you’ve made your first steps in «computational thinking». For more, read this excellent text on coding as the new literacy.

From Weekly Filet #166, in June 2014.

Why Europe works

It has become all too fashionable to be sceptical about the future of Europe as a unified continent. The crisis, the latest elections, Switzerland’s isolationism. Simon Kuper of the FT counters with a refreshingly optimistic view on Europe and its prospects. His thesis: «Europe’s ‹little differences› encourage cross-border learning.»

From Weekly Filet #162, in May 2014.

Der Terror und ich

Bonus track (in German): «Ich glaube, dass 9/11 der Tag war, an dem das Graue starb» – ein grossartiger Text, der die Zäsur durch 9/11 so gut einordnet wie kaum ein Text zuvor.

From Weekly Filet #162, in May 2014.

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