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Little Alchemy

Surprisingly addictive: You start with earth, fire, air and water and your goal is to combine your way to 560 creations from volcanoes to a Tyrannosaurus Rex to a fridge.

Published in Weekly Filet #236


Rain Projects

A brilliant, minimalistic smartphone game. No images, no music, no animation. Just riddles in plain text. (If you, like me, are not really into Star Wars, keep that in mind when you get stuck for the first time).

Published in Weekly Filet #205

Cards Against Originality

Cards Against Originality

Self-proclaimed «party game for horrible people» Cards Against Humanity has probably provided me with the hardest laughs of 2014. The only problem: Usually when you find yourself in company of a couple wonderfully horrible people (and a drink or two), you don’t have those cards with you. Until now. There’s now an online version – which you still play while in the same room, but instead of the cards, you only need your smartphones. The perfect way to spend a totally blasphemous Easter weekend.

Published in Weekly Filet #202