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20 Million Trees

A great episode from Gimlet’s new How to Save a Planet podcast. It revolves around the question of how to get people involved in fighting climate change who might not think of themselves as climate activists. The protagonist: a 22-year old YouTuber with dozens of millions of subscribers, who they describe as a «2020’s version of Jackass, but slightly more wholesome and with a much bigger budget»

Published in Weekly Filet #316

After the Fall

London Review of Books

A sharp analysis of how the financial crisis of 2008 and the recession that followed have laid the groundwork for Trump, Brexit and the rise of nationalism in general. Features an interesting quote by Napoleon that’s worth keeping in mind: that to understand a person, you must understand what the world looked like when he was twenty.

Published in Weekly Filet #278

Puerto Rico’s Mental Health Crisis

The Daily

More than four months after Hurricane Maria, much of Puerto Rico is still in shock. At the island’s only suicide prevention hotline, the phones ring constantly. To date, the best podcast episode of the year (of the good dozen podcasts I listen to regularly, that is).

Published in Weekly Filet #265 In collection: Unputdownable Stories