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Designing in the Borderlands

Guest curated by Ole Reissmann

A beautifully designed essay by Frank Chimero about trans-medial storytelling, based on a talk he gave at Harvard University. Thanks to this gem, I’ve re-discovered «The Great Discontent», an online and print magazine about creative folks and their work.

From Weekly Filet #159, in April 2014.

The Futility of Existence

Guest curated by Julian Schmidli

To some it’s only a video of a sad drunk. To me, it’s a modern allegory of a timeless tale: The human devotion to tumble on whatever may come. However gracefully.

From Weekly Filet #159, in April 2014.

The Confidence Gap

Guest curated by Daniel Drepper

Great piece explaining why confidence matters so much in a working environment. Both, women and men can learn a lot from this.

From Weekly Filet #159, in April 2014.

Heartfelt Computer Music

Guest curated by Manuel Bürkli

As we speak, highly talented musician Oliver Tank from Sydney is on his way to the UK to play his first European shows ever. Anyone who likes Sigur Rós, James Blake or Bon Iver will love this “heartfelt computer music”. Enjoy! (by Manuel Bürkli, a highly talented singer and songwriter himself)

From Weekly Filet #63, in April 2012.

MC Sacerdote’s Kuduro Video

Guest curated by Seraina Müller

A more joyful subject: Angola and its amazing dance tradition “Kuduro”. Never saw people moving their bodies like that. And Stocktown offers a whole bunch of other beautiful insights into street art scenes around the globe. (by Seraina Müller, co-founder of the African art fair FOCUS)

From Weekly Filet #63, in April 2012.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Game Studio

Guest curated by Thom Nagy

The prospect of video games becoming a respected art form has been around for almost as long as the medium itself. Yet, commercial and technological success all too often overshadows aesthetic breakthroughs. One notable exception is Journey, a gorgeous, mesmerizing, thought provoking game for Sonys PS3. Do yourself a favour: Download it, play it and afterwards read this fascinating article about how it came to be. (by Thom Nagy, paving the way for NZZ into a digital future)

From Weekly Filet #63, in April 2012.

Take the Money and Run for Office

Guest curated by Nico Luchsinger

Of course, we are all aware that money plays a role in politics. Yet every time I hear about the details of that mix, I am shocked. And nowhere is the connection more pronounced than in Washington, D.C. This week’s edition of «This American Life» tells the sometimes frightening, but always fascinating story of politicians, lobbyists and Super-PACs in the U.S. (by Nico Luchsinger, co-founder and CEO of Sandbox)

From Weekly Filet #63, in April 2012.

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