From the archive of the Weekly Filet: Some of the best on LGBT

I’m Out

The Players' Tribune

«The fear of being gay is a full-time job.» Jason Collins, the first openly gay player in the NBA, retires and tells his story. Impressive read.

From Weekly Filet #184, in November 2014.

The State of Africa

The Washington Post

A nice data-driven overview on the state of Africa, in terms of health, economy, gay rights and more.

From Weekly Filet #172, in August 2014.

The Evolutionary Mystery of Homosexuality

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Homosexuals reproduce less than heterosexuals. So why is it that the percentage of people who are homosexual remains stable over time? This article has some explanations to what essentially remains a mystery.

From Weekly Filet #93, in August 2014.
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