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First Listen Live: The National, «Sleep Well Beast»

If you loved them for their punchy hymns, you’ll need some time to get to like The National’s latest album. The soundscapes have become a bit more complex, but the longer you listen to them, the better they go with the no-nonsense guitar tunes and dreamy vocals. Favourite song in the world right now: «Empire Line».

From Weekly Filet #247, in September 2017.

Inside Music

A magical extension to a great podcast. While «Song Exploder» has musicians deconstruct their songs and explain how they came about, «Inside Music» lets you virtually step into songs and explore their fabric – the individual sounds and instruments that make it come to life.

From Weekly Filet #246, in September 2017.

The most popular song in the world

A brilliant, detailed musical analysis of arguably the most popular song in the world, with one billion plays a day (!) at its peak: the Nokia ringtone. Yes, that one. This is an older and somewhat atypical episode of my new favourite podcast, «Switched On Pop». A musicologist and a songwriter go deep into the anatomy of popular songs (usually not ringtones) and explain what makes them hits and «help listeners find a-ha moments in the music». They are at their best when they cross-examine songs – like in «Hotline Hello: Drake and Adele».

From Weekly Filet #242, in August 2017.

Glastonbury 2017

The National, Radiohead, Dizzee Rascal and many more. The BBC offers the complete sets of 89 Glastonbury concerts on its website (for another 25 days). Available only from within the UK (or, you know…😉)

From Weekly Filet #238, in June 2017.

Adna – Thoughts 🎶

Swedish Singer/Songwriter Adna is releasing her latest album «Closure» today. The song I instantly fell in love with: «Thoughts».

From Weekly Filet #232, in March 2017.

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