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Efterklang, The Last Concert

Yet another stunning Vincent Moon music film. This time 55 minutes of what Danish rock band Efterklang call their Last Concert (it was not really their last one, but it was staged as if it were, with orchestra and all. Anyway, just go watch it).

From Weekly Filet #184, in November 2014.

Kiasmos Debut Record

Two gifted musicians, one from Iceland, one from the Faroe Islands, Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen have released the debut album of their joint project Kiasmos. Beautifully minimal soundscapes. If you use Spotify, you’ll find the whole record there.

From Weekly Filet #183, in November 2014.

Rock and Real

A wonderful profile of Guy Garvey, the wonderful lead singer of the wonderful band Elbow. The piece is a couple of months old, but like the band, it ages well.

From Weekly Filet #180, in October 2014.

Depths of Montmarte

Reza Dinally, Swiss songwriter with an enviably beautiful beard, has released his debut record. If you use Spotify, you can find the entire album there.

From Weekly Filet #179, in October 2014.

Tiny Desk Concerts

There’s a lot to worry about these days. So I think we deserved ourselves a music break. One wonderful place on the web to discover some music you’ve probably never heard before is NPR’s Tiny Desk series. Three songs in an intimate setting, lots of little known bands, but you’ll also find The Pixies, Daughter or The National. If you use Spotify, there’s a playlist for the Tiny Desk Concerts you can follow.

From Weekly Filet #175, in August 2014.

Song Exploder

A true internet gem I only discovered this week: A podcast in which musicians speak about how they composed a specific song. Might sound a bit nerdy, but really isn’t. It’s a fascinating insight into creative minds at work. Start with the episode in which Jeff Beal explains his thinking behind the «House of Cards» main title theme and the subtle changes he made from season 1 to season 2.

From Weekly Filet #165, in June 2014.

Salle Des Departs

A catch from the archives: A radio segment on a composer commissioned to write a piece to be played in a morgue.

From Weekly Filet #145, in January 2014.


The perfect soundtrack for cold winter days (for you readers in Australia, Argentina and Brazil: skip this and have a laugh at us freezing inhabitants of the northern hemisphere)

From Weekly Filet #137, in November 2013.


Social media is more than a megaphone. An evolving music video created from fans’ instagrams.

From Weekly Filet #124, in August 2013.

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