From the archive of the Weekly Filet: Some of the best on Nature

We Made Plastic. We Depend on It. Now We’re Drowning in It.

National Geographic

«Ocean plastic is not as complicated as climate change. There are no ocean trash deniers, at least so far. To do something about it, we don’t have to remake our planet’s entire energy system.» How the plastic crisis came to be, how massive it is – and how we can fix it. Comes with a cover you won’t forget quickly.

From Weekly Filet #274, in May 2018.

Best Photos of 2017

National Geographic

Not your average «year in images» gallery. Most of these images show people, events, sceneries you haven’t seen before. And all are linked to highly fascinating stories. A true rabbit hole to go explore over the weekend.

From Weekly Filet #261, in January 2018.

Ice Apocalypse


«The glaciers of Pine Island Bay are two of the largest and fastest-melting in Antarctica. Together, they act as a plug holding back enough ice to pour 11 feet of sea-level rise into the world’s oceans — an amount that would submerge every coastal city on the planet.»

From Weekly Filet #257, in November 2017.

What everyone needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster

A direct hit by hurricane Maria has turned Puerto Rico black, leaving almost all of its 3.4 million inhabitants without power. Nearly half are without fresh water. 80 percent of all crops are wiped out. All but a few cell towers are destroyed. And that isn’t all. A comprehensive explainer on the true extent of the crisis in Puerto Rico.

From Weekly Filet #249, in September 2017.

Die Superkühe

It’s not that I’ve wondered before, but suddenly, it seems like a pressing matter: What does it feel like to be a cow? So here goes: Three cows, equipped with multiple sensors each. An algorithm to translate signals from those sensors into sentences. And a chatbot to deliver those messages to you (apparently, you can also write back and «chat» with the cows, because…sure). The project starts on September 4th.

From Weekly Filet #245, in September 2017.
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