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NASA’s Mission to Pluto

Johns Hopkins APL
Guest curated by Tim Urban

Nine years ago, in 2006, the probe New Horizons began a decade-long trip to Pluto, the former ninth planet in our solar system. On Tuesday morning, July 14th, New Horizons will finally reach Pluto for a fly-by, the first probe ever to do so. Any detailed image of Pluto you think you’ve seen of Pluto is an artist’s rendition—Pluto is too small for even the powerful Hubble Telescope to get a decent shot. Over the next few days, you can use this link to keep up with New Horizon’s progress, and every image that comes in over the next few days will be the new best look we’ve ever gotten at Pluto.

Published in Weekly Filet #216 In collection: Guest Butchers FTW

Earth View


Sit back, relax and enjoy: a collection of the most beautiful and striking landscapes found in Google Earth.

Published in Weekly Filet #215

Photos That Are ‘Too Hard to Keep’


A series of images that people have given away because they were «too hard to keep» for them. What makes this so powerful is that most of these images look downright ordinary and no explanation whatsoever is given. It’s entirely up to your imagination why this particular image might have been «too hard to keep», and for whom.

Published in Weekly Filet #201 In collection: Best of 2015

The Men Who Mine Volcanoes

The Atlantic

From the department of tougher jobs than ours: On the Indonesian island of East Java, these men work in the crater of an active volcano to harvest sulfur. To earn $11 a day, some of them make the four-hour hike to the crater and back twice a day, carrying down some 90 kilograms on their shoulders. Great story, quite literally breathtaking images.

Published in Weekly Filet #198

Who’s Who


Intense portrait images of owls. Apparently, it’s quite a challenge to get owls to look directly into a camera lens, but when they do: wow.

Published in Weekly Filet #194

Daily Overview

Daily Overview

A large collection of stunning aerial images, of mostly man-made structures on this planet. You can also follow them on Instagram and get one new image every day.

Published in Weekly Filet #193