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Edward Luce on The Retreat of Western Liberalism

Conversations with Tyler

I haven’t yet read the book, but after hearing this interview, I will. The Financial Times’ chief US columnist Edward Luce on the future of liberalism and why recently the US and the UK have been more susceptible to populism than other countries.

From Weekly Filet #237, in June 2017.

Planning the Perfect Death

The Daily

Days before he was scheduled to die, John Shields had a surprising idea. He wanted to have a wake for himself. And he would be there. Alive.

From Weekly Filet #234, in June 2017.

S-Town Podcast

Serial, This American Life

I was completely hooked on season 1 by Serial. I fell out of love in season 2. Now S-Town, not exactly season 3, but a co-production by Serial and This American Life, sounds very promising again. Will drop as a binge-able bundle on March 28.

From Weekly Filet #233, in March 2017.

The Daily

The New York Times

After little more than a week, the NYT’s new podcast has become a daily habit already. Give it a try (I thought the Goldman episode was the strongest so far, so I’m linking to that one).

From Weekly Filet #227, in February 2017.

We have locked in centuries of climate change

The Ezra Klein Show

You’ve probably heard the news: 2016 has been the hottest year on record. For some context, I highly recommend this hour-long interview with Elizabeth Kolbert, one of the best-known writers on climate change, who won a Pulizer Prize for her book «The Sixth Extinction». Enlightening and trenchant. The quote that stuck in my mind: «We live in yesterday’s climate.»

From Weekly Filet #224, in January 2017.

Flip the script


What if you countered islamic radicalisation with…empathy? That’s how two Danish policemen started a fascinating experiment in Aarhus, after dozens of young men had gone missing, presumably joining ISIS in Syria. A brilliant episode of the always fascinating Invisibilia podcast.

From Weekly Filet #-1, in August 2016.

Podcast: The West Wing Weekly

The West Wing Weekly

This podcast is all you can hope for. An episode by episode dissection of The West Wing. Witty and with a lot of love for detail, it instantly makes you want to watch the episodes again. Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway – who also makes the wonderful Song Exploder podcast – and Joshua Malina, who played Will Bailey in The West Wing.

From Weekly Filet #-1, in May 2016.
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