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Alles Zufall?


Von der Liebe bis zum Tod – warum wir uns mit dem Zufall so schwer tun. Ein toller Essay.

Published in Weekly Filet #224

Flip the script


What if you countered islamic radicalisation with…empathy? That’s how two Danish policemen started a fascinating experiment in Aarhus, after dozens of young men had gone missing, presumably joining ISIS in Syria. A brilliant episode of the always fascinating Invisibilia podcast.

Published in Weekly Filet #-1 In collection: Think Different

The Secret History Of Thoughts


Do not listen right before going to bed. The story of a man, who – out of nothing – developed the urge to stab his wife and got cured by holding a knife to his therapist’s throat. And the story of a man who has been trapped in his own body for years, fully conscious without anyone knowing he was still here.

Published in Weekly Filet #191 In collection: Unputdownable Stories

Fooled By Your Own Brain


A great overview of how easily our brain can trick our senses. That Whodunnit video is a stunner. Tricked me even though I thought I knew what to look for.

Published in Weekly Filet #182

How extreme isolation warps the mind


This piece is a couple of months old, but won’t fail to twist your brain. You’ve probably been lucky enough not to experience such a situation yourself, but solitary confinement and complete darkness do strange things to people’s brains fairly quickly. For example, researchers have found that in darkness, most people eventually adjust to a 48-hour cycle: 36 hours of activity followed by 12 hours of sleep.

Published in Weekly Filet #178 In collection: Best of 2014