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Die Superkühe

It’s not that I’ve wondered before, but suddenly, it seems like a pressing matter: What does it feel like to be a cow? So here goes: Three cows, equipped with multiple sensors each. An algorithm to translate signals from those sensors into sentences. And a chatbot to deliver those messages to you (apparently, you can also write back and «chat» with the cows, because…sure). The project starts on September 4th.

Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men from Hate Speech But Not Black Children

Pro Publica

An important piece that sheds light on how Facebook decides on what is allowed on the platform and what gets removed. It has been shared widely and also been used as proof that Facebook is actively discriminating and opressing voices (the title of the piece certainly sets the tone). I think that’s wrong. Facebook deals with billions and billions of pieces of content every day and needs a set of rules that work across hundreds of national laws and cultural norms. That is a highly complex problem to solve. And while Facebook as arguably the worlds largest arbiter of human expression certainly needs to take more responsibilty, I don’t think lazy, one-dimensional criticism is helpful.

A.I. versus M.D.

The New Yorker

Somehow, computers outsmarting humans in games tend to get way more attention than in areas in which the consequences will be a lot more far-reaching. Take medicine. Algorithms are already beating humans’ accuracy in analysing brain scans or detecting skin cancer. This New Yorker piece offers a deep dive on how it works and what it means. (Plus, and that alone is worth the click: the definitive illustration of the mind-body-problem)

Published in Weekly Filet #236 In collection: The Future Is Now