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A 90-Year-Human Life in Weeks

This is probably the most depressing and at the same time most motivating visualisation I’ve seen for a long time. What you’re looking at is the (slightly above) average human lifespan in weeks, ready to be ticked off. So little time, then again: so much to do with it.

From Weekly Filet #164, in June 2014.

Latin America’s New Superstar

«Our most beautiful buildings must be in our poorest areas.» This is one of the key assumptions that helped turn Medellín from Colombia’s deadly capital of cocaine into a model for urbanism in merely two decades. Next City takes a close look at how the transformation was enabled – and what its drawbacks are. Francis Fukuyama called Medellín’s story «half a miracle», it sure makes for a great read.

From Weekly Filet #157, in April 2014.


Good for a few hours of reflection (or bar chatter, come to think of it): Questions found via Google autocomplete, compiled by the always fantastic xkcd.

From Weekly Filet #126, in August 2013.

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