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Is Death Bad For You?

So death is bad, right? If you start thinking about why exactly this should be considered true, things get a bit complicated. In this brilliant article, Yale philosophy professor Shelly Kagan ponders the possible explanations – dismissing one after the other. A perfect example of what the Weekly Filet is about: challenge your assumptions, make your head spin.

From Weekly Filet #69, in May 2012.

35 MacGyver Tips

How to get free WiFi at the airport, how to cool beer really fast, how to cancel any hotel reservation for free. Clever and useful tips, be it only to have some fun facts in hand for your next smalltalk.

From Weekly Filet #52, in January 2012.

The Illusion of Asymmetric Insight

We think we understand others better than they understand us. We think of our own actions as neutral and judge others by theirs. Good read from a book titled β€œYou Are Not So Smart” by David McRaney, released last autumn. In this excerpt, McRaney is connecting dots between an infamous psychological experiment in the 50ies, today’s social media and the perception of self and other in general to make this point: You are driven to create and form groups and then believe others are wrong just because they are others. The trailer to the book is worth watching, too.

From Weekly Filet #52, in January 2012.

Solitude and Leadership

I couldn’t think of a more brilliant piece of inspiration to plunge into the new year with than this. An essay based on a lecture at the US Military Academy at West Point in 2009. It’s about leadership, in general, not in the military, and about how leadership is not about being on top, not about excelling, not about leading the pack, but first and foremost about thinking. About taking the time and enduring the solitude that are prerequisite to being able to think. My favourite quote from an essay filled with quotes worth highlighting: β€œI find for myself that my first thought is never my best thought. My first thought is always someone else’s.”

From Weekly Filet #50, in January 2012.

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