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Night Trains

Night Trains

I have recently recommended this ode to train travel – this site is the perfect complement to it. A directory of night train lines all across the globe, with beautiful maps illustrating them.

Published in Weekly Filet #286

The consolations of rail travel

The New Statesman

An ode to train travel in the age of flight shame – and a reminder: Going by train should not be seen as a compromise or sacrifice, but as a genuinely rewarding experience in its own right. It ends with a call to train operators, employers and governments to make train travel even more attractive and accessible.

Published in Weekly Filet #282

52 places to go in 2018

The New York Times

This never gets old. Fittingly, perhaps, this edition is themed “A starter kit for escaping into the world.”

Published in Weekly Filet #261

Walking New York

The New York Times Magazine

A wonderful project by the NYT Magazine: New Yorkers share their favourite places to go far a walk.

Published in Weekly Filet #206

Which Flight Will Get You There Fastest?

Guest curated by John Burn-Murdoch

Nate Silver and co. are at their best with this analysis of domestic air travel in the US. Not only does this piece of work provide practical value to travellers attempting to minimise journey time, it also reveals fascinating details about US airlines and airports for the casual observer. As well as the wonderfully crafted interactive visualisation, be sure to check out the methodology section, where Silver delves into the hows, whys and wherefores of the investigation, presented as an engagingly written Q&A.

Published in Weekly Filet #199 In collection: Guest Butchers FTW