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AOL Originals

Hope and anxiety, sweat and devotion, one single chance to make it: A wonderful documentary about the New York City Ballet and the many young dancers hoping to make the cut. Utterly beautiful, and yet a little discomforting to watch.

Published in Weekly Filet #213 In collection: Best of 2015

Algorithmic Citizenship

Citizen Ex

Few people get to choose their citizenship, something that deeply influences our chances in life. This digital art project prompts reflection on identity and the (probably outdated?) concept of citizenship. «Algorithmic Citizenship is a new form of citizenship, one where your citizenship, and therefore both your allegiances and your rights, are constantly being questioned, calculated, and rewritten.» You are what you browse on the internet.

Published in Weekly Filet #212 In collection: Best of 2015

Inside the worlds dreamed up by Hollywood’s most radical storytellers

California Sunday Magazine

«It’s bigger than color. It’s bigger than sound. It’s the audience literally inhabiting the narrative.» After reading this piece, I can’t wait to be in a virtual reality movie. Forget about 3D, that was just a superficial novelty. Virtual reality goes to the core of cinematic storytelling. «You can’t cut. You can’t fade. You can’t move the camera. You can’t pull focus. What you can do is create an intriguing hybrid of Brechtian in-the-round theatrical stuff and game design.»

Published in Weekly Filet #180 In collections: The Future Is Now, Best of 2014

Sam Morris

«This site is a little experiment…Like most of the internet it doesn’t serve a real purpose. But it is nice to look at. Just like art.»

Published in Weekly Filet #180

15 Years Later, How The Blair Witch Project Tricked the World


It’s 15 years since Blair Witch Project was released. Set aside the fact that this makes me feel very old, I liked this retrospection on how ingeniously the team created mystery around the movie. They were one of the first to make use of the web as a way to spread rumors.

Published in Weekly Filet #179