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Random stow


Never really thought about this, but it makes perfect sense: Why items in Amazon warehouses are shelved 100% randomly.

From Weekly Filet #267, in March 2018.

Can Free Speech Survive the Internet?

The Philosopher's Beard

«The internet has enhanced our free speech in an imbalanced way: greater ease of reaching others with our speech has come at the expense of our freedom to speak without fear of reprisal.»

From Weekly Filet #266, in March 2018.

2000 Days on Mars With the Curiosity Rover

The Atlantic

It never ceases to amaze me that we get to see such detailed images from a place that is millions and millions of kilometers away from earth. Sometimes, just for fun, I try to think of everything that needed to be invented and discovered to get so that I can see those images on a mini-computer in my hand. Inconceivable.

From Weekly Filet #264, in February 2018.

Google Map’s Moat

Justin O'Beirne

It’s fascinating how quickly you start overlooking the magic of something you use every day. This super detailed look at how Google Maps keeps improving will bring back some of that amazement.

From Weekly Filet #260, in December 2017.

Artwork Personalization at Netflix

Netflix Technology Blog

When we think about recommendation algorithms, we usually think about what they recommend – not so much about how they recommend it. An inside look at how Netflix creates different artworks for different users to make them click on movies and series.

From Weekly Filet #260, in December 2017.

Pro-Neutrality, Anti-Title II


The trouble with filter bubbles, we often hear, is that they give us more of what we know and like, and create ideological silos by shielding us from opposing views. I don’t think this is entirely true. We do get to see opposing views, but through the lens of people who share our beliefs. And thus we hardly ever get the opposing side’s best arguments. So, as a strong believer in net neutrality, stumbling upon this keen case against it was refreshing.

From Weekly Filet #258, in December 2017.

There’s No Fire Alarm for Artificial General Intelligence

Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Looking at the discourse around artificial intelligence through the lens of a fire alarm is quite eye-opening, and, well, alarming. «There is never going to be a time before the end when you can look around nervously, and see that it is now clearly common knowledge that you can talk about AGI being imminent, and take action and exit the building in an orderly fashion, without fear of looking stupid or frightened.»

From Weekly Filet #254, in November 2017.
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