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The World This Week


I’ve come to really appreciate this short, to the point recap of what’s been important over the week. Very BBC, very good.

Published in Weekly Filet #211

78songs – discover new music


I’ve asked some music-loving friends of mine to compile their 78 favourite songs. is a little website I built to present these playlists, ready for you to play and enjoy. We’re starting with twelve playlists, but there will be more. Maybe yours, too?

Published in Weekly Filet #191

TV News Archive
Guest curated by Erik Martin

Internet Archive’s amazing new searchable database of almost all US news shows since 2009. It’s an impressive archive and the search, editing and sharing tools work great once you understand what you’re looking at. They have a great daily trending section as well, but the most fun is that you can now find quotes of politicians contradicting themselves in record time.

Published in Weekly Filet #191 In collection: Guest Butchers FTW