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Nordic Playlist

Nordic Playlist

A great way to discover new music and let your thoughts travel North. Every week, a Nordic musician or tastemaker presents his or her favourite tracks.

Published in Weekly Filet #216

Maze of Woods


Spherical and rough, a beautiful new record by members of Eluvium and Explosions In The Sky.

Published in Weekly Filet #201

White Water

The Slow Show

Dreamy tunes, a dark, yet warm voice – ever since I first heard The Slow Show I’ve been waiting for them to release their debut album. It’s out today, you can find it on Spotify and iTunes.

Published in Weekly Filet #198

Feedom Summer


This record has been in my ears ever since I discovered it a week ago. A band from California that sounds irritatingly similar to Sigur Ros, but then again, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Published in Weekly Filet #197

78songs – discover new music


I’ve asked some music-loving friends of mine to compile their 78 favourite songs. is a little website I built to present these playlists, ready for you to play and enjoy. We’re starting with twelve playlists, but there will be more. Maybe yours, too?

Published in Weekly Filet #191